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  • What is Kryoyo?

    Kryoyo offers authentic local experiences for travelers that crave to know more about the Caribbean. Kryoyo connects the traveler with the local people online in an efficient and effective way based on their own interests and preferences. This makes it possible for the locals to offer their uniqueness to the traveler, with the end to monetize what they are good at while enhancing the experience of the traveler. Although connected through the website, the people remain in-charge. The environment to match people as well as to execute payments is safe and secure, offering state-of-the-art technology, enabling the people to create their own Caribbean experience and review afterwards.
  • What is the purpose of Kryoyo?

    Our purpose is to eradicate unemployment through human connection! Sharing economy is expanding into different industries. It’s becoming part of people’s daily lives and it’s creating growing (flexible/part-time) employment opportunities. Kryoyo is a sharing economy platform that helps people monetize what they’re good at. Kryoyo is a true solution for unemployment and an enhancement of the Caribbean touristic product!
  • What does Kryoyo mean?

    The brand name ‘Kryoyo’ originated from the word ‘krioyo’ in Papiamentu, the native language of Curaçao. We chose to spell it differently to give it our special touch. Everything authentic that belongs to the culture of a Caribbean country is defined by the word ‘Krioyo’. A compass and a hummingbird are the main symbols in the logo. The compass symbolizes the local host who is showing the traveler the way to authentic Caribbean experiences during his trip and the hummingbird symbolizes the traveler who ‘flies’ from experience to experience, from island to island. Kryoyo is standing strong in the middle as the intermediary, uniting the local host and the traveler.
  • What is an experience?

    An experience showcases unique local artistic, historical, creative or cultural assets. An experience provides special access to people, places, culture visitors wouldn’t be able to find on their own. An experience provides the opportunity to personally meet people from the country they are visiting. An experience is participatory, involving hands-on learning or activities. When participating in an experience, the traveler make use of their five senses in the experience, namely smell, hear, see, touch and taste.
  • Why should I become a host?

    Nobody knows your island like you do. That’s why Kryoyo is looking for local people who can deliver experiences to travelers who are seeking to discover the true Caribbean. Everybody is good at something… what are YOU good at? The possibilities are endless for creating an experience, let your imagination go wild! Joining Kryoyo as a Local Host has a lot of benefits for you. You will expand your horizons, help develop the economy and tourism industry of your island, create an income source, create meaningful human connections and off course you will have fun doing it!
  • How can I become a host?

    Once you have created an account on the platform, you can fill in an application form in order to become a host. You can submit an experience as soon as Kryoyo reviewed your application. This process takes between 1 to 2 business days. Once your application is approved, you will officially become a Kryoyo Local Host. You must be above 18 years of age.
  • How can I submit an experience?

    To create an experience on Kryoyo, you must first become a host and then create an Experience and complete all required information. Describe your experience as thorough as possible, providing as much details as possible and using wording that is as lively and awakening as possible. It is important and your responsibility to specify any points of attention, such as special needs (what to bring along, how to dress, etc.), requirements for participants (disabilities, allergies, etc.).
  • Why can't I see my recently submitted experience on the platform?

    When you submit your experience, Kryoyo will review the experience to make sure that it qualifies to our standards. This process takes between 1 to 2 business days. Once your experience is approved, it will be visible on the platform.
  • Why should I book an experience on Kryoyo?

    We encourage you to book Kryoyo experiences. By booking a Kryoyo Experience you not only get to discover the real and authentic side of the Caribbean in a more personal way that expands your horizons, but most importantly you contribute directly to the local communities. None mainstream, no international chains… your money goes directly to the local people. Because after all… there is more to the Caribbean!
  • How can I book an experience?

    First you have to create an account on the platform. Once you have an account you can choose one of the many experiences we have to offer. The available filters will help you find the experience that you are looking for. After you have chosen an experience, you have to choose a date, add the amount of guests and add the experience to your suitcase. Afterwards you can go to your suitcase to finalize your booking placing your payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your booking is successfully placed.
  • Where can I find my shopping cart?

    You can't take your experience with you in a shopping cart right? We are more than happy to fit in your suitcase! We can't wait to join you on your trip to the Caribbean.
  • What is a special request and how does it work?

    Are you looking for a special Kryoyo experience that’s not available yet? Tell us what you want by filling a special request form and we will make it happen for you.