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Paint and Wine at Sunset Time

Take Curacao home with you and hang it on your walls! During this experience you will paint a unique spot of Curacao, while enjoying some nice finger foods and a good wine or local juice.
  • Curaçao
    Willemstad, Curaçao
  • 3 hour(s) in total
  • Wear comfortable and inexpensive clothes in case you get them dirty with paint.
  • English Español Nederlands Papiamentu
  • $ 1.00 (USD) pp

What can you expect?

This experience is all about having fun while being creative. The host will greet you at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha, a beautifully renovated country house on the west side of Curacao. You will get acquainted with the host and other participants that you may not know yet and enjoy a small tour at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha and get to know more about its history and renovation. You will be assigned to an easel, receive your paints and brushes and of course your canvas. The painting will be of the site you are seeing. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or advanced painter. You will paint using the color by number method and the host has its tips and tricks to help you through the process. At the end of the session, you will have a beautiful painting of this site of Curacao you have visited that you can take with you and hang on the walls of your home. The piece can be easily transported, in case you need to travel with it. Beside enjoying a nice ambience, good bites and wine and relax for a while, you will keep a beautiful piece of art that is yours to treasure.

During the three-hour experience, you can enjoy some finger food and wine or soft drinks. After the experience, you can still choose to stay at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha and enjoy some more food or even a full dinner (not included in the price).

Who can join?

14+ / No previous painting experience required

Additional information

Wear comfortable and inexpensive clothes in case you get them dirty with paint

Where is it happening?

Landhuis Klein Santa Martha


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