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Addictive Taste of Kiteboarding

Allow me to introduce you into the addictive world of kiteboarding. Feeling the board slice thru the water while comfortably leaning against the kite is a feeling worth chasing over and over again. We from Awa Salu Kiteboarding Curacao, offer you premium, high quality kite lessons. We are looking out for you with a high focus on technique and safety.
  • Curaçao
  • 2 hour(s) in total
  • Kites, safety leashes, boards, water shoes and the intercom systems are included
  • English Nederlands Papiamentu
  • $ 70.00 (USD) pp

Video impression

What can you expect?

After your scenic drive to the location you will meet by one of our Awa Salu instructors Kim or Yoël. After having changed your clothes, put on a whole lot of sunscreen and stowing away your belongings, you will start with setting up your gear and a short interactive safety briefing. After another sip of water we will enter the lagoon and start of learning you how to kiteboard. Your whole ‘learning how to kiteboard’ journey is parted in a couple of logical steps and skills, that basically everybody can learn.

2 hours later, being heavier with better kite skills and salt water, your lesson is over. You will have the opportunity to drink some cool water, change into some dry clothes, reapply your sunscreen, and sit on the swing to get the tips and watch the tricks of the local kiteboarder in their habitat.

Learning to kiteboard is like learning to drive a car. After a couple of lessons, you will get the hang of it and go as slow or fast, high or low as you want to go.

Our bar is not always open. So we recommend you to bring some water and maybe a bite for after your session.

Who can join?

Everybody that knows how to swim, weighs 40kg/88pounds and up, and has a normal level of fitness can participate.

Additional information

You will need swimwear, a towel and some sunscreen. If you decide to bring your sunglasses, be aware that if loose, you might lose it. If you burn easily you might want to wear a shirt, or ask us for a rashguard when booking with us. Let us know at

Where is it happening?

We will teach you the basics of kiteboarding at the St. Joris bay. It is a sheltered area with shallow and deep areas. St. Joris bay is a rugged, untouched area. You can reach it by going past the Ostrichfarm onto the dirt road, past the white gate 300m on the left. There is a pickup and drop-off service for a max of 5 people. Please let us know at if you would like to be picked up.


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